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Garden of Gethsemane, Garden of Memories,Garden of Faith, Omaha NE Cemetery
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Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery - Omaha Nebraska
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The Masonic Garden, preplanning, prearrangement program
Garden of Memories, prearrangement program, grave, funeral - Omaha Nebraska
Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery - Omaha Nebraska
Burial vaults, bronze memorial, granite memorials,upright monuments - Omaha NE Evergreen Memorial Park
2300 S. 78th St.
Omaha, NE 68124
Phone 402-397-3392
Fax 402-393-6118
Traditional Burial / Cremation

Traditional Burial  


- Many gardens are available for traditional burials.  Spaces may be purchased on an individual basis, in pairs or multiple spaces for the entire family.    


Cremated remains  


- We have created a columbarium specifically for cremated remains or they can be placed in a ground area.   


There are also ways to memorialize a decedent after cremation.  Bronze or granite memorials or even cremation benches are options.  In either case a memorial may be purchased to personalize the area for the deceased remains. 


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